You need to clean your reusable straws!

You need to clean your reusable straws!

Why it is important to keep all of your reusable straws clean!

Luckily it is super easy and quick to clean all of your WonderSip Straw with the easy ONE-CLICK using the easy-open button on the side of the straw. This is not the case with most reusable straws currently available in stores and on the market for sale.


It is super important to keep every straw clean and washed after every use, especially after those delicious smoothies which tend to get chunky and stuck in most straws. Most reusable straws that are sold do not have the easy-open WonderSip Straw feature and will usually come with a skinny wire brush which is utilized to clean the straw. Often than not these brushes cannot thoroughly clean the inside of the straw and it is near impossible to get a clear look into the whole of the inside of the straw. The extra bits of food build up over time and start to create grime and mold within the straw. Mold can sometimes make you sick and is potentially very harmful very your health. This is why it is imperative that your straws are squeaky clean.

metal straw with cleaner

Not to mention that if you are using reusable straws (that are not WonderSip Straws) for say a party and they are not being cleaned properly, all of those microbes and germs from everyone’s mouths sipping from the straws will remain on the reusable straw if not cleaned properly from the inside.


Mold build-up and saliva residue are two things you absolutely do not want to have remain in your reusable straws. This is especially true if you want the straw to last a long time and serve its purpose as a true reusable straw. If the reusable straw hopefully does not get moldy after the first time it is used and you forget to clean it.


This is why it was so important that the WonderSip Straw had the ability to open so easily with the ONE-CLICK button in order to clean the inside of the straw.

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Say no to mold and bacteria!

Get your straws clean!