Boba Straws Now Available!

Boba Straws Now Available!

We here at WonderSip love a boba moment. So much so, we made a WonderSip Boba Straw. 

We here at WonderSip love a boba moment. So much so, we made a WonderSip Boba Straw. Yeah, you read that correctly. A WonderSip Boba Straw! They come in a pack of two along with our classic WonderSip little bag to carry around with you. 

Reusable Boba Straw

But boba is relatively new to the Western hemisphere so if you don’t know much about this drink. Allow me to introduce to you your next obsession…

Boba Tea, also known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea depending on where you are, is a drink mixed with a variety of milks, fruits and topped with sugary tapioca pearls. These pearls are made from tapioca starch, which is extracted from the roots of cassava plants. The starch is rolled into tiny white balls that are then boiled and steeped in a sugary caramelized syrup that gives it its rich brownish black color and sweetness. The pearl adds a bite to whatever drink you prefer. And let me tell you, it’s absolutely delightful. The drink typically comes in a sealed cup in which you puncture the top with a straw (wink, we’ll get to that later). 

Boba Reusable Straw

It was invented in Taichung in Taiwan sometime in the 1980s. By the nineties, it had become mega popular in East Asia, namely the bustling streets of Tokyo and Hong Kong. That’s when international traders became aware of the sweet drink and brought it to the West. It wasn’t long by the time it became a hit out here in the States in the late nineties. Now boba shops are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Once I had seen three different shops right next to each other. The shops carry a variety of different flavors and drinks with ways to customize to your liking. You can adjust the sweetness. You can go tangy or sweet. Others can get their coffee fill. It’s entirely up to you. 

Because of the popularization of boba in the Western hemisphere, we have been dying to share our WonderSip Boba Straw. For boba drinks, the straws hold a significant importance. Remember when I said that the drink typically comes in a sealed cup that you have to puncture. Well a good boba straw has one pointed end to make that hole in the sealed top and a wide enough width to drink the boba. Our straws are built like our normal straws with our snap open and close mechanism for easy cleaning along with that pointed end and wide width for all your boba drinks. Carrying around these bad boys will make your boba experience so much more fun and you can limit your single use plastic waste and cleaning time!

I got a chance to ask some of the team what they liked. Liz’s go-to is your classic taro milk tea. Martha loves a jasmine green tea. Daisey and Caitlyn are both big fans of brown sugar milk tea. Sarah too, but she likes hers with oat milk. Evelyn and I love anything with mango. But honestly, the options with our WonderSip Boba Straws are absolutely endless.