Check out these 3 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from WonderSip Straws!

Check out these 3 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

This week coming up to Valentine’s Day has a flurry of love-centered National Holidays that is sure to fill the air with anticipation for the holiday!


This week coming up to Valentine’s Day has a flurry of love-centered National Holidays that is sure to fill the air with anticipation for the holiday! Whether you are looking for something to gift your loved one for Valentine’s day and or Rose Day (February 7), Propose Day (February 8), World Marriage Day, and or Galentine’s Day (both February 13) allow us to give you some ideas that will appease both the environment and that special someone! 

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3 Gifts Ideas for that Special Someone 

(Good for Everyone! Friends and Significant Others)

  • Perfume: Pour le Monde 

    Perfume is always a great choice for a gift on Valentine’s day! Pour le Monde will be sure to appease any fragrance enthusiast while also helping anyone stay eco-conscious!

    Pour le Monde is a sustainable perfume brand that is created in a cruelty-free and vegan manner, all the while being made with fair trade in mind (in regards to environmental and social conservation). Every ingredient used to create the perfume fragrance is sustainably sourced with these eco-conscious principles in mind. The fragrances are made up of 100% natural essential oils!   

  • Support Small Business Bakeries and Candy Makers 

  • Huge corporations and companies most often than not, leave a large carbon footprint with their existence on the planet, with the large amounts of shipping and trade they do through the air and sea. Not only do they leave a large carbon footprint but are often known to exploit their workers with long hours and little pay. Many consumers will look to these stores (Target, Walmart, Starbucks, etc) for their Valentine’s day holiday gifts. What with all the cheap mass-produced chocolates, cookies, teddy bears, and the like-themed for the holiday. 

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    An excellent idea to stray away from these retail giants for a change, is to look for small businesses and independent bakers and candy makers to find your Valentine’s day gift treats. 

    This is always a great time of the year to support the business efforts of small businesses and online shops that would find a single sale a lot more meaningful and valuable. 

    Look for a local bakery or candy shop in your area that might be offering special boxes of candy for Valentine’s Day. Many offer special orders that can be made in advance and made fresh to pick up on Valentine’s day!  

    Another great source to look for independent sellers is on the website Etsy! 

    On Etsy, you will find a variety of sellers offering almost anything you can ask for. Does your significant other or friend love Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc?  You are sure to find candies with Yoda or Spiderman on the chocolates! Check it out, you never know what you may find! 

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  • Eco-Consciously made Jewelry

    Many people love receiving jewelry! Be it a ring, necklace, bracelet and or earring, this can be a great gift for the special holiday. 

    It might be a great idea to choose ethically made jewelry from crafters that create the jewelry from recycled parts within the United States. 

    As raw minerals traverse the globe on their way to the United States they incur many miles onto their carbon footprint. Not to mention that many jewelry companies are not transparent on how their materials are acquired (many using workers operating in inhumane conditions).  

    Check out Laura Elizabeth Jewelry. They create jewelry made from recycled brass and other recycled metals here in the United States! NO sweatshops in sight! From the materials the jewelry is made from to the packaging of the pieces come in, the company takes sustainability into account in every aspect of the product! 

    Check out this super cute heart pendant necklace that would be perfect for Valentine’s day!