Check Out Our New Valentines Day Variety Pack!

Check Out Our New Valentines Day Variety Pack!

WonderSip has launched a new Variety Straw Pack to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day from WonderSip!

WonderSip has launched a new Variety Straw Pack to celebrate Valentine's Day! Click here to shop now!

Order now to get your Valentine’s Day Variety 5 piece Pack to your door in time to gift and or use for Valentine’s Day! 

This variety pack features two of our most popular colors, Glitter Pink and Clear Violet, perfect for Valentine’s Day! In addition to the super cute colors, the straw pack includes one of each size of the WonderSip range of straws: Leaf Junior, Butterfly Jumbo, Butterfly Standard, Dolphin Classic, and the Leaf Long. 

Gifting Ideas!

Do you have a Galentine’s day celebration with a group of your closest friends?! This WonderSip Valentine’s Day Variety Pack would be perfect for gifting to your friends. How cute would it be for everyone to use their super cute pink and purple straws in their drinks and add to the Galentine’s day vibe! No need to buy disposable straws for your get-together!

Create a super fun Valentine’s Day bouquet, including the WonderSip Variety Pack! Sometimes people will create unconventional bouquets that include stuffed animals, balloons, candy, chocolate roses, etc. The Glitter Pink and Clear Purple WonderSip Straws would be the perfect fit for these super fun bouquets. Spread them throughout the bouquet and mix in candy and stuffed animals. 

Gift WonderSip Straws with any other gift you may be giving to your significant other or friends. The Valentine’s Variety Pack would be an excellent accompaniment to a gifted bottle of alcohol and or cocktail making kit, as you will need a straw to sip on your drink of choice for the holiday. 

Everyone needs a personal kit of reusable straws to take with them everywhere! Your loved ones will be so happy to receive these straws filled with love! You never know when you might need to use your reusable straws when out and about.

Check out WonderSip Straw Valentine’s Day Variety Pack Now!