You Need To Check out our St. Patrick's Day Straws!

You Need To Check out our St. Patrick's Day Straws!

You Need To Check out our St. Patrick's Day Straws!

Just how we had a special WonderSip Straw collection for Valentine’s, we have created an awesome straw collection in honor of Saint Patrick’s day! 

The Saint Patrick’s Day Collection has a combination of our clear and Green Glow in the Dark colored straws to match the overall green aesthetic of the shamrock filled holiday! 

Check out the collection HERE and use code LUCKYSIP to redeem the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer in honor of St. Patrick's Day! 

Have you ever wondered why and how St. Patrick's came to be and why it is associated with Ireland and Shamrocks? Allow us to inform you on some of the intriguing history behind this festive holiday that has been adopted by several countries across the globe. 

Saint Patrick’s Day History 

To start off as you might have guessed Saint Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint, a sort of sponsor you could say of the country. As Ireland has a large population of religious Catholic residents, it is no wonder that there is a national patron saint.  According to the myth surrounding his life St. Patrick drove away the snakes from Ireland and used the abundant shamrock on the isle of Ireland as a teaching tool to teach the idea of the Holy trinity to the populace of the country. The holiday date. March 17th, was established in honor of the day that he passed away. To honor his saint day Irish citizens started wearing shamrocks in the 18th century and later turned into wearing green clothes on the day. 

When the potato famine occurred in Ireland, there was a large influx of Irish immigrants to the United States. Once in the states, they too brought the Saint Patrick's day holiday with them and so started the tradition in their new home. This led to the modern day festivities associated with the holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day parades, pub festivities and a general celebration of Irish culture and its people around the world where there may be populations of citizens with Irish heritage. All are welcome to join in the festivities! 

If you ever get to enjoy a Saint Patrick’s Day parade you might see someone dressed as Saint Patrick himself at the helm of the parade, a marching band, bagpipe players and even Irish step dancers! 

Check out this video featuring the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland! Check it ou!