4 Tips to Hit Your New Years Resolutions

4 Tips to Hit Your New Years Resolutions

New year, new me right? Well sometimes it does not always go as planned and you stray away from what you planned for yourself...

New year, new me right? Well sometimes it does not always go as planned and you stray away from what you planned for yourself in the new year. Whatever may happen from life, job, you’re just tired or even if you forget, there are so many reasons why and how you might falter from your plans to better yourself and your life in the new year. 

Allow us to give you some simple tips that might help you in your journey toward your new found goals. You never know how helpful implementing new resources and tools might be into your life and daily routine. 

Bullet Journaling 

Bullet Journalling is an excellent way to get your ideas across on paper for yourself to remember later on. 

Make lists, set goals, decorate pages and encourage yourself with inspiring words and quotes on the pages you create in your journal. 

Many people find this way of visual reminders and meditative writing both relaxing and a helpful way to remind themselves to keep on going with goals and New Years Resolutions. 

Vision Board 

Another great visual aid for remembering to keep your New Years Resolutions is by creating a vision board. A vision board is a great way to always have your goals in your line of sight within your living space and you have no choice but to see the goals you set for the year physically displayed on the board.  

According to mindbodygreen.com a vision board is: 

A vision board is essentially a physical (or digital) manifestation of your goals. Vision boarding involves collecting images or objects that speak to the future you want to create and arranging them on a board for a tangible and aesthetically pleasing reminder of where you're heading. 

Like the bullet journal, a vision board is another great way to meditate on your goals for the year while you are choosing and deciding what you want your goals to be for the year. Doing this while cutting out images and writing out your goals on the board that relate to your resolutions are a great reminder in itself to keep with your goals for the rest of the year. 

Sources for creating vision boards can include: 

  • Magazines
  • Online Photos 
  • Articles 
  •  Stickers 
  • Even your own drawings using markers or any art medium! 

Reward Yourself

Setting realistic goals for yourself to achieve during the year is another excellent way to keep yourself motivated to do everything you want to do during the year that are related to your resolutions. 

Every time you achieve a certain goal, reward yourself with something you can look forward to in order to persuade yourself to keep going in order to complete your resolutions.

Even if your goals for the year are small it can be hard for you to have the drive and motivation to act upon them. Give yourself steps in order to achieve your goal and every time you meet them give yourself a reward for reaching the achievement. 

It does not matter how small that goal is, that motivation you have in mind for a reward will drive you to act upon it. 

For example if you have a resolution to be more tidy and organized in the new year, set smaller goals that will get you to your main goal and reward yourself afterwards. A step toward getting more tidy can be throwing out your trash at the start of your day. Focus on just throwing out the trash at that time and tell yourself your reward will be doing something small you enjoy. That small reward can be giving yourself a quick social media break, watching a video on youtube or even having a piece of your favorite candy after throwing out the trash. No achievement is too small in order to help you keep motivated and aim toward your bigger goal and resolution. 

Track your Progress

Don’t let yourself forget how much you achieved while working towards achieving your New Years resolutions. 

Keep a record of the progress you have made towards your goal. 

An easy example to make of this progression tracking can be with tracking a fitness journey. Many people make New Year Resolutions in order to become a more healthy person and reform their lifestyle to include regular exercise. Some do this to lose weight, gain muscle mass and even just to start getting into exercising. Every week they might be tracking how much weight they have lost or how many inches of muscle mass they have gained in order to achieve their target goal they have in mind. 

After tracking your progress and seeing how you have improved by sticking with your New Year Resolution it may be easier for you to keep on going with the resolution even more throughout the year and reach your goals.