The Best Easter Basket Ideas

The Best Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter upon us, everyone’s looking for fun and engaging easter basket ideas. Because - let’s be honest - boring baskets filled with just colored eggs won’t cut it. It’s Springtime! We need to utilize this time of renewal to show off a little. Using the season of spring, the nature of Easter, we definitely have the means to make some pretty cool baskets.

Easter Basket Gift

And with the WonderSip Easter Variety Pack out (which would also be a great addition to a basket, just saying), we thought we’d share some fun ways to create some exciting baskets this season.

But why do we make Easter baskets? The tradition goes back all the way when pagans would pray to Eostre. She is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. She is frequently depicted in ancient fold art holding a woven basket. Over the years, the tradition evolved to what it is today. There were bunnies who came into the picture as the one delivering the baskets. The holiday became diversified depending on where in the world you are.

The baskets are traditionally filled with a variety of sweets and chocolates - welcoming Spring and a time to renew oneself.

Easter Baskets

So let’s talk about how we can make our baskets a bit more fun this year. Along with chocolates - cause, you know, that’s an absolute must - adding little toys and knick knacks sure create a better picture. Adding things like fuzzy socks, sunglasses for the spring. Throwing in some fun soaps and lotions can also break up the monotony of just chocolates. For kids, there's a load of options namely little toys you can get at your local dollar store, crayons, little pocket coloring books. Some adults might like those items too. Essentially we want to create a different picture. Adding a variety of items can also make your basket seem more full when it’s not.

Easter Basket

But how to decorate? You cannot just throw random things into a basket and call it a day! Having colorful baskets helps a lot. You can stick to traditional basket making with paper confetti but also add some exciting crafts made by crepe paper. You can make bows, flowers, etc. Whatever your heart desires! You can use fake flowers to add some color and shape to it as well if you’re not feeling crafty. 

WonderSip straws make for great basket gifts. Our Easter packs have our variety of sizes and colors, perfect for whatever drink you crave at any time. They come in bright Spring-like colors such as a stunning yellow, baby pink, lavender purple and sky blue. What can get more Easter than that?! Having them in your basket would bring in the much needed variety of shape and color to make your basket stand out. Even better, our straws last a lot longer than Easter itself. A long-term gift is always preferable, don’t you think?! Toss a pack of our Easter WonderSip straws in that basket of yours and you’re good to go.

Play around with the shape and textures of your basket, work with the colors. Having a variety of different shapes made of different materials and different colors will make your Easter basket engaging, fun and beautiful. Even if you’re not an “artsy” person, trust your gut! If you think it looks good, that’s all that matters!