About Us

About Wondersip

It was only 2018 when the idea was formulated and in the summer, we had sketches of the initial idea already drawn.

The Journey

By the end of the year, we had already started product testing with our prototype. In 2019 to 2020, we perfected the design to an easy one-piece design to snap open and close for easy cleaning and materialized into the straws we see today! In 2022, WonderSip is patented!

easy to clean

Our straws don’t require another tool to be cleaned. They are mildew resistant and child-friendly. They are resistant to whatever temperature your drink is with no weird taste and stays completely odorless. Snap open and close for easy cleaning. With WonderSip, we can take care of our environment by limiting our use of single use plastic and take care of ourselves by putting hygiene first.

Two Way use

WonderSip straws are not only easy to clean but can be used as a stopper when upside down.

We do it better

Many alternatives have a weird taste & texture and hard to clean! The inside of straws is a breeding ground for nasty, hidden germs who thrive in dark, moist places. Without having a way to clean the inside effectively (let's face it, pipe cleaners are not the best tools to clean the inside of these thin straws), these germs grow and multiply! What's even worse is that you can't see what's going on inside the straw.

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What People Are saying

“These straws are what I've been looking for! So easy to clean. I just open them up and pop them in the dish washer. So much better than trying to use a tiny bottle brush!”

“I absolutely LOVE these straws! They are easy to clean and durable. I use them everyday. I love them so much I purchased a set for my sister! I Highly recommend them!”

“Super easy to clean, I don’t have to worry about what’s inside and if I’ve cleaned the straws thoroughly. The best reusable straw in the market currently. Highly recommended!”

“Brilliant! I always looked for straws that could be opened and thoroughly cleaned inside - I finally found them! They will be great for our morning smoothies!”

“Wow! I am just so happy to receive a “REAL” reusable straws! Easy to clean is the main concern when I decide to buy the product. I don’t need to use any tools to clean the straws, especially when the time I eat out. Highly recommend! Go green!”