Do you know how to use your WonderSip Straw?!

Do you know how to use your WonderSip Straw?!

You may think that using a reusable straw is self-explanatory but when it comes to the WonderSip Straw there are many more features these amazing straws have the capacity to share. This wide variety of straw abilities and features of the WonderSip Straw is due to the fact that the reusable straws come in so many different designs, heights, straw hole widths, and colors. 

Allow us to further explain the many features of the WonderSip Straw!

How to Wash your WonderSip Straws 

Unlike many reusable straws on the market, WonderSip Straws can open down the middle with the use of its One-Click open button at the side of the straw.

Simply pull apart the two halves of the button to open the straw. 

Once the WonderSip Straw is open, it is super easy to clean as the inside of the straw is visible and any dirty surface of the straw can easily be washed clean. 

After it has been washed you can leave your WonderSip Straw open to dry in your sink or close it back up with the One-Click button, clean and ready to use right away!

How to use your WonderSip Straw 

Use your WonderSip Straw in a variety of drinks on the go, at home accompanying a meal, or anywhere else your adventures take you! 

Replace disposable straws you would normally use when eating out where they might offer you those flimsy plastic straws.

A hidden feature you might not realize that the WonderSip Straws have is that the One-Click open button (that comes in many designs including a leaf, dolphin, rainbow, and dolphin) also doubles as a stopper for when you insert your straws into your reusable cups and tumblers. Unlike many other straws that come with a detachable stopper ring, WonderSip has the stopper attached to the straw! Not to mention that it looks super cute on all of the straws!

To use the feature, simply flip your WonderSip Straw Upside down with the One-Click button facing the floor and insert your straw through from under your lid so that the one-click button stays under your lid. Voila, you are using the One-Click button as the stopper and it won’t fall out! And your kids won’t be able to pull it out either!

Which WonderSip Straw to Use with different drinks

Much of the time it can be difficult to find reusable straws that are wide enough to sip thicker liquids like smoothies, shakes, boba, and maybe even ice cream floats!

WonderSip Straws has the solution to this dense drink problem!

Our reusable straws also come in varying straw widths to accommodate these thick drink types. 

The WonderSip Straw in Size Jumbo is perfect for thick drinks like smoothies and shakes as it has a drinking hole diameter of 12 mm! You will not have any trouble drinking all your favorite fruity drinks in the morning. 


The Jumbo Straws come with the One-Click button design of a butterfly!

Which WonderSip Straw to Use with different sized cups 

Do you ever want to use your reusable straws in different-sized cups but only have one size of reusable straw?

WonderSip Straws has got you covered in this department, as you buy a variety pack with each of our straw sizes and styles available! 

Each of the WonderSip Straw Sizes can fit a variety of cups and tumbler heights. 

Take a look at the diagram showing all of the available WonderSip Sizes! 

The Junior Sized Straw is perfect for small kiddie cups and cocktail glasses. You will not have to be fumbling around with a straw that is too large to proportionately fit in your shorter cup.  

The Standard Sized Straw is a great fit for standard-sized kitchen glasses and medium-sized take-out drinks. 

The Jumbo Sized Straw is the same length as the Standard Sized Straw but is necessary when drinking thicker drinks like smoothies and shakes. 

The Long Sized Straw is the tallest of the WonderSip Straws and will fit in your largest tumblers, water bottles, and jumbo-sized drinks at your favorite coffee place!