This is why WonderSip Straws are the cleanest reusable straws you will ever use!

This is why WonderSip Straws are the cleanest reusable straws you will ever use!

As many of you WonderSip Straw owners know, the WonderSip Straw is super easy to clean! With the WonderSip Straw’s ability to open at the click of a button, there is no need to guess what the inside of your straw looks like. There is peace of mind knowing that you are able to clean every nook and cranny of the straw, allowing you to use a squeaky clean straw every time you use it! 

Maybe you need to convince your loved ones and friends to make the change to using reusable straws. Many people do not like reusable straws due to how annoying and bothersome they can be to clean and feeling that many of these reusable straws are never fully clean within the straw. Some consumers do not want to go through that extra step of cleaning, having to use a whole different kind of cleaning tool (the pipe cleaning brushes many reusable straws usually come with) that never really fully cleans the inside of the commonly found reusable straws on the market. 

This blog might be the proof they need to make the change to using reusable Straws!

WonderSip Straws really are the cleanest reusable straws you will ever use! You can literally see inside the straw when you open up the straw in half to clean it! 

According to scientific studies made through processing samples taken from the inside of run-of-the-mill reusable straws, they found that the bacteria contained within these straws were comparable to bacteria found on bathroom surfaces. 

This bacteria is because many of these straws are difficult to clean even if using the provided wire brushes.

It proves even more difficult to clean these non-openable straws when they are left to dry with the food/drink particles that run through them when drinking. If you have ever left a reusable straw out for hours after drinking a smoothie, then you can really relate to this sticky situation! 

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Why would you ever go back to traditional straws that tend to be so difficult to clean after using WonderSip Straws?! 

You get to quickly and thoroughly clean the inside of the WonderSip Straw and sip every drink with peace of mind that you have a clean straw! 

Not to mention that WonderSip Straws come in so many sizes and colors, perfect to fit any size drink you may have.