5 of Our Favorite Eco-Conscious Gifts!

5 of Our Favorite Eco-Conscious Gifts!

Don't know what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year?! Start here for some eco-friendly picks!

WonderSip Straws!!

Friends sharing an ice cream sunday using 2 wondersip straws

You just know we had to! We have to start off our list with our very own WonderSip straws. I mean come one Reusable straws are basically a necessity and everyone should have at least one pair in their kitchen drawers and maybe even your bag or backpack for on the go! Going to get Starbucks or Coffee bean, opt out of the plastic straws and take advantage of that WonderSip straw in your bag. 


Not to mention the WonderSip Straws and storage bags are the perfect size to fit in everyone’s stockings. Gift the straws in everyone’s favorite color! There is a straw color for anyone in your life.

Beeswax Food wraps 

Beeswax food wraps are an excellent alternative to the wasteful plastic sheets that are traditionally used to cover day-old food or leftovers from last night’s dinner. Many of us tend to use many rolls a month to preserve our food. These pieces of plastic cannot be recycled at all and just end up in landfills only adding to the waste problem. 


These Beeswax wraps can be used over and over again! The wraps come in all shapes and sizes and have a sticky quality that will adhere to any of your plates, bowls, cups, and food storage containers. They even come in so many cute and adorable patterns to match your mood, aesthetic necessities and favorite color! 

Take a look at this selection from amazon with a super cute beehive pattern! 

Usually, these food wraps will come in packs of multiple sizes and a good amount, enough to have a supply to cover various food containers at once. 

Reusable Water Bottles 

What better accessory to your WonderSip Reusable straw than a Reusable Waterbottle to accompany it in aid of fulfilling all your quenching needs. 

Plastic Water Bottles are another culprit of constant pollution in rivers, landfills, and the ocean. They often find their way clogging up waterways and becoming very harmful to the aquatic wildlife that they encounter and float in the way of. 

An excellent solution to this constant waste is using reusable water bottles as much as possible!

Your loved ones would greatly appreciate a water bottle that would last them almost a lifetime! Not only are they durable but they are a bunch of fun to decorate and are a great canvas to show your personality with fun stickers on the surface of the reusable water bottle. 

Some of the best notable and trustworthy brands are Hydroflask, Sip, and Yeti! 

Check it out!


Shampoo and Conditioner Bars 

Another major proponent of plastic waste is the waste that the beauty industry creates with the many hair care and makeup products it produces. Some shampoo, bath soap, and conditioner bottles can’t even be recycled! There are many sustainable companies that have come up with a solution to this dilemma with the creation of Shampoo and Conditioner bars that closely resemble regular ol’ hand soap bars! 

Every cosmetics lover in your life will love this gift! Who doesn’t love something they can enjoy while also helping stop the world’s plastic pollution problem?! 

Help your loved ones feel nice and clean while also saving the planet with this virtually waste-free gift (most come in compostable cardboard boxes as well!  

A popular choice among container-free cosmetic fans, like shampoo bars, are the shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment bars sold at LUSH. 

Here’s another super cute option from a brand called Ethique. Check it out! 

Ecologically Conscious Made Yoga Mat 

Got an exercise enthusiast in your friend group or family circle? Help them make the switch to an Eco-friendly Yoga Mat made with materials that are not harmful for the environment. 

Not only are the mats usually made with environmentally friendly materials but they also practice sustainability and make sure to not produce any excess waste. 

An excellent choice of sustainably made yoga mats comes from Manduka, pictured here. 

Not only are they super cool yoga mats when you are using them, but when you are finished and have worn down the mat to its fullest, they will literally recycle the mats for you!