The Ultimate Guide to WonderSip!

The Ultimate Guide to WonderSip!

Get to know WonderSip even more! Why WonderSip Straws are the best and have the most variety out of any other reusable straws you have ever used before!

WonderSip really is the Ultimate and epitome of super clean reusable straws! There is no other straw-like that can open in half with the one open click of a button! With WonderSip Straws there is no need for messy little wire brushes and nasty half cleaned straws! In this blog you will get to know WonderSip Straws even more than ever before. 

These are the cleanest Reusable Straws you will ever know and own! Bacteria and germs will live on and build upon the insides of regular/run of the mill reusable straws on the market. They are a hassle to clean and are never fully washed from the inside. This is really what sets apart WonderSip from the rest of the reusable straws out there! 

BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe and so much more!  

Step inside into the world of WonderSip!

WonderSip is the only straw now available on the market, that can open in half without detaching into 2 parts! Why have to fumble with 2 moving parts? When you can simply open the WonderSip Straw in half by simply pulling apart the One-Click button at the top of the straw. 

Not only is the One-Click Open Button super convenient for the opening of the WonderSip straw (also the perfect size for any size hands to open!), but the straws also come with several different styles/designs of opening buttons on every straw!

Check out the different ONE-CLICK OPEN BUTTON styles below! 





Not only do WonderSip Straws come with these super cute button styles/designs that you can choose from, but the straws also come in various colors. 


Everyone can choose their favorite color from the WonderSip Straw lineup! There is a color and ONE-CLICK Button style combination perfect for every personality and personal preference! 


Check out the complete WonderSip Color Roster here which includes:


Yellow, Glitter Pink, Glitter Blue, Clear Teal, Clear, Clear Coral, Clear Classic Blue

WonderSip Straws even boast 2 color variations of Glow in the Dark Straws

Glow in the Dark Green WonderSip Straw and Glow in the Dark Blue WonderSip Straw


How many reusable straws do you know of that have a Glow in the Dark option?! That is right, almost none! The Glow in the Dark WonderSip Straw variations is perfect for parties and Halloween time when you need to light up the festivities even more! They are certainly perfect for that spooky Halloween Time vibe and even your nighttime New Year’s Eve celebrations! Even so, they are really perfect for any occasion. 


Glow it up with WonderSip Straws! 


On top of the variety of Colors and One-Click Button Styles that the straws come in, there is also various lengths you can choose from! This variety in length choice is an excellent option for when drinking from different sized cups. Not every cup can be using the same size of straw length. For example if you only have a WonderSip Straw that you are using for a tumbler, that is way too long to be used within a short coffee cup. WonderSip Straw has just the right size Straw for all your coffee mugs, kiddie cups, and short cups! 


Check out the WonderSip Straw length lineup right here! 

Long, Jumbo, Standard and Junior



How to Clean WonderSip Straws...It’s Just so Easy !