WonderSip: The Best Reusable Straw And Why You Need One

WonderSip: The Best Reusable Straw And Why You Need One

Our planet is dying.

Our planet is dying.

Plastic is destroying Earth and is harming all life on the planet, including your own.

And who's to blame?

We are.

You're probably thinking, "Ah, another reusable straw brand that claims to be the solution to the plastic problem." But don't be mistaken. We're not your average reusable straw — we have the Earth, it's wildlife, and you in mind.

What makes us different?

WonderSip is THE reusable straw brand because of its easy-to-clean, One-Click Open design. This feature allows you to open your straw, clean the inside, and sip safely.

We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health and hygiene while saving the planet.


The Plastic Problem

Americans use, on average, 500 million plastic straws per day.

Each of these 500 million straws don’t ever fully biodegrade. Instead, they break down into something called "microplastics". Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that pollute our food and water.

Why is this a problem?

Many plastics contain harmful chemicals that cause serious harm to you and your loved ones when ingested.

Our oceans are littered with these particles – there are more than 51 trillion microplastic particles in the sea. That's more than 500 times the number of stars in the Milky Way. Sea life mistakes microplastics as food, and when humans eat fish, mussels, and other seafood, they ingest these harmful particles.

It's estimated that humans consume 50,000 microplastics per year. And studies show that the chemicals in these plastics can cause reproductive issues, organ malfunction, and developmental delays.


The Plastic Straw "Solution": Reusable Straws

The "solution" for decreasing plastic use: reusable straws. Reusable straws do cut back on plastic usage. However, they pose serious health threats to their users.

They’re difficult to clean properly, so they can become extremely dirty – and frankly unhygienic.

To paint the picture of how dirty reusable straws are, here's a fact. The average reusable water bottle contains 100x more bacteria than a pet toy. That means that a water bottle, which is designed to be easily cleaned and reused, is filthy. Can you imagine how dirty a reusable straw is, with its slender design and difficult to reach interior?

You can use all of the pipe cleaners and brush straws your heart desires, but at the end of the day, the small enclosed space of your reusable straw is a petri dish for harmful bacteria!


WonderSip: The BEST Alternative to Plastic Straws

WonderSip is a solution to the "solution" (AKA reusable straws).

We designed our straws with the environment and your health in mind.

While other straws pose a health risk – with their difficult to clean designs – you can sip safely with our WonderSip. Our straws are durable enough to last a lifetime while keeping you healthy and helping save the planet.


Easy-to-Open Design

WonderSip's easy-to-open design allows you to clean and dry your straw properly. No more fiddling with long cleaning brushes, or trying to pack multiple pipe cleaners. Just throw your WonderSip in your bag, or in our reusable carrying pouch, and you’re ready to go.

Our straws are so simple to clean that you can use them for multiple drinks during one trip. That's right; you can use your straw for your morning smoothie, rinse it clean, then pop it straight into your iced water!



Picture this. You hit up your favorite coffee shop on a hot day. Your mouth is watering as you order your favorite cold frappuccino topped with whipped cream. You pop your traditional reusable straw in, and along with that delicious whip, you get a mouthful of microscopic bacteria.

Gross! No one wants to slurp up a germ-laden frappe. Instead, sip the whip safely with our WonderSip!

With the ability to properly clean your straw, you reduce the amount of disease-causing bacteria that love to reside in dark, damp places — like your straw!



If rinsing your straw is a task that you don't want to add to your list — don’t worry!

Our straws are dishwasher safe, and won't break down in the wash, like many other reusable straws.

Just open your WonderSip, run it through your dishwasher, and it’s ready to use again!

Multiple Colors and Sizes

Our WonderSip reusable straws are available in a variety of colors and various sizes. With our beautiful color options, every member of your family will find a straw that they love!

Each straw comes in a variety of sizes. Our straws make it easy to accommodate different cup sizes and are perfect for users of all ages.

See our guide here on which size straw might be right for you!


Experience The WonderSip Difference

Plastic use is a significant problem. It’s destroying our planet and the creatures that live on it.

Reusable straws offer a solution to the plastic problem while creating another problem — health risks. Reusable straws harbor bacteria and require special tools to clean the inside. Humans should be able to have a positive impact on the world without putting their health at risk.

WonderSip was born out of the need for a reusable straw that can be adequately cleaned. Our straws can be used over and over again, helping to cut back on plastic waste. You'll be leaving behind a small footprint while keeping the Earth clean without sacrificing your health.

With WonderSip's easy-to-clean, One-Click Open design, you'll be able to clean your straw with a simple rinse underwater. You'll never have to fuss with pesky pipe cleaners or straw cleaning brushes again. If you want to experience the WonderSip difference by saving your health and the planet, click here.

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Cheers to saving the Earth and staying healthy! Happy sipping!