• One-Click Open Technology

  • Long size straws w/ Leaf design

  • Comes in teal & yellow, teal & clear, clear (2x), clear coral, or glitter pink & glitter blue

  • 20 Pack comes with (4x) teal, clear, yellow, clear, glitter pink & glitter blue

  • Length: 10.5 inch

  • Diameter: standard 8mm which fits most lids

  • Comes with a free reusable carry pouch (Party Pack comes with 1 large storage bag only)

WonderSip Leaf Long Reusable Drinking Straw

  • Featuring our patent pending One Click Technology for effective cleaning. Simply click our WonderSip straws open to clean in various ways. Dishwasher safe, leak proof, FDA Approved, BPA Free, super hygienic, and more!

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